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Understanding the different vape products and how to utilize them to the best results requires some time. Here are some points that might help.


The main vape product is the e-cigarette. This instrument is basically a vaporizer which converts e-liquid flavors or vape juice into steam for your enjoyment.

E-cigs today is more than just mundane vaporizer. They come with a variety of built-in features that add to the vaping experience. You can also navigate to to buy various vape products online.

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Vape Cartomizers

Vape tanks or cartomizer is a component of a more advanced vaporizer called mods. They hold your vape juice and contain coils that convert liquid to vapor.  Some tanks do this automatically when you inhale, while for others it needs to be triggered manually.

There are four types of tanks, standard, sub-ohm, RDA and RBAs. This classification is related to their suitability for different mods. As far as products are concerned vape, buy tanks may be the hardest part.

Vape Mods

Vape mods are much customized vaporizers. They are generally more powerful than regular e-cigarettes and it comes with many more features. Think of the vape mods as products that serve specific likes and dislikes Vaper.

If you want to taste more heavy smoke, there is a mod for it. If you want the mods are easy to carry around and easy to use, you can have those. In fact, there are mods available that are designed to help vapers do the trick.

A Basic Guide To Understand Vape Products
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