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Dichroic glass is a clever discovery brought to us by those boffins at NASA. It's a metal oxide coating on the glass that has unique properties. It can allow through it one way but can block it coming through on the reverse side.

That all seems really dull but it makes matters sparkle. You can visit if you want to know more about dichroic glass.

The metallic oxide coatings come in a diverse assortment of stunning colors and with this special play with mild, they seem just stunning as pieces of jewelry.

There are a couple of approaches to spot real dichroic glass. Since the light behaves so unexpectedly over the surface it may seem to change color when you see the item from an angle.


Exposed dichroic glass, in other words, dichroic with no transparent top coating will seem to be metallic although it's glass.

Dichroic Jewellery like all kinds of glass is generated at a kiln. There are fantastic many ways to purchase the dichroic glass.

Online retails, for example, Etsy and eBay have a vast selection of dichroic items available however caution needs to be taken to inspect the sellers standing because there is an excellent number of fake thing in the marketplace introduced in the Asian sector.

The very best means of buying a real bit of dichroic is by heading into a provider and assessing their links page to get dichroic glass studios.

Dichroic Glass Jewellery – What Is It And Where Can I Get Some?