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Downsizing is becoming more and more common. Whether you are losing a family home for a more manageable condo, saving money for a smaller home, moving in with a partner, leaving suburban life in a city, or just going minimalist, you are not alone. A recent poll found that more than 15% of people would trade their current home for a smaller one than trade for a bigger one.

Going from big to small in just a month takes focus and the work isn’t just physical. One of the toughest parts of downsizing is emotion. The majority of it is sorting, physically and emotionally. You are not getting rid of stuff you are getting rid of objects with memories attached to them. This is what slows down the downsizing process. However, there are many companies who offer downsizing help for senior so that they can have peace of mind at the end.

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In this article, we will discuss downsizing checklist so that you may not suffer from emotional trauma during the downsizing process and your journey will be hassle-free.

Week 1: Sort all of your things

Your first task is to take all of your stuff out and sort it. Downsizing and decluttering your home can be a daunting process, especially if you have been in your home for a long time and accumulated lots of stuff. For the sorting phase, you will need to go over everything you have including what in the attic, garage, shed or storage space. Now put each item into one of four categories: keep sell, donate or recycle/trash.

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Week 2: Sell stuff off

Next, you have to deal with the sell pile. Decide how you want to sell your things. Make sure it is actually worth the money you will make, especially with a limited timeline.

Week 3: Donte what you can’t sell

You are getting so close! Now it is time to donate as much of what is left as possible. If you are donating anything to family or friends, be sure to give them a firm deadline to come and get their stuff.

Donate what you can't sell
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Week 4: Recycle of Trash what you can’t Donate

Dumping a large amount of trash may be more complicated than you anticipate. Most municipalities have rules about bulk trash pickups and putting too much on the curb could leave with a sanitation violation. Make sure to check your local ordinances.

You don’t have to DIY your downsizing process. In fact, to get it done in a month, you will almost certainly need some help. That could come out in the form of family and friends providing an extra set of hands, but most likely you need professional help too. During the downsizing process, it is important to take good care of yourself. Check out here to learn how to cope up with stress and anxiety during the downsizing process.

How To Downsizing Without Losing Your Mind?