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Are Honduras shore resorts inferior to others in the Caribbean?

When considering a Caribbean escape, few heads automatically consider Honduras. We believe of Aruba, or Barbados, Jamaica or Grand Cayman. You can get to know more about the best beaches in Roatan Honduras, via

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Some folks could even consider Cuba, but hardly any would automatically consider Honduras. But why is this? Can Honduras lack the shores, the relaxed Caribbean civilization or even the palm trees?

No, is the response to these questions.

Like almost all of our time, once we invest our hard-won money, we're directed by promotion and, to be brutally honest, in comparison to other areas in the Caribbean, Honduras simply isn't so good at it.

There are exceptions at the north shore of the nation. Here you discover the very best beaches on the mainland as well as the gorgeous islands of Utila and Roatan.

A fantastic case of Honduras Beach hotels that understand just how much they need to provide is Banana Beach, located about 30 minutes from Trujillo.

Nestled between the town of Trujillo as well as the lively Garifuna community of Santa Fe, Banana Beach understand just what they're offering… also it´s a fantastic bundle.

As opposed to opting for the massive hotel that caters to everybody under sunlight, Banana Beach has gone the opposite way.

They supply a secluded, romantic hotel, with beach homes instead of small hotel rooms plus a busy but relaxed pub and restaurant.

Banana Beach was assembled for a romantic escape and everything is centered on producing that experience for visitors at the most relaxed manner possible.

The two-bed shore houses are a wonderful mixture of the traditional Caribbean and contemporary convenience. 

Honduras Beach Resorts – How They Compare To Rest of The Caribbean?