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Staging or scaffold is another name given to Scaffolding. The structure of scaffolding is temporary. The scaffolding structure support materials and work crew effectively. Scaffolding can be used for things like structures maintenance, construction, and repair of buildings. You can have a look at   in order to check different Scaffolding.

The use of scaffolds is mostly found in an on-site location. This help in getting easy access to heights and areas.  Without the use of scaffolds reaching heights might be tougher. Unsafe scaffolding can be dangerous for the worker working on it. It even results in death or serious injury.


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The scaffolding use can be done in adapted forms. The use of scaffolding is done in grandstand seating, concert stages, exhibition stands, half pipes and formwork, and shoring. The varying type of scaffolding that is found in the market is given below:

  •    Wooden & Bamboo Scaffolding
  •    Tube & Clip Scaffolding
  •    Systems Scaffolding
  •    Cuplock Scaffolding
  •    Kwikstage Scaffolding
  •    Haki Scaffolding
  •    Staircase Tower Scaffolding
  •    Frame & Brace Scaffolding
  •    Suspended/Swinging Scaffolding
  •    Mast Climbing Scaffolding
  •    Shoring

You can even make an online search in order to find Scaffolding.  The type of scaffolding systems that is been used during work depends mostly on the place of work. The aluminum scaffolding is used in the place like Scandinavia.


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Popularly used scaffolding is a wooden one. It is used in almost all places. Its use can be found in Europe and North America. In earlier time Pre-cut lumber scaffolding was popularly used. Browse here to know about scaffolding. 

The use of bamboo scaffolding is also done. Such scaffolding is high in strength, flexibility, and eco-friendliness. Scaffolding is tube & clamp scaffolding is one of the oldest of scaffolding.

What are things used in the making of scaffolding?

A base jack or plate

The ledger

Scaffold tie


Brace diagonal

The transom


What Is The Importance of Scaffold In On-Site Location?