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You want to have a great traveling experience to beautiful place then you must Israel is the perfect option. This holy city is located on the plateau in the Judean Mountain. The mountains are considered to be between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.

The city is among the oldest cities in the world.  You should visit Jerusalem once you make a visit to Israel. With this place three tours are associated that are classified as Jerusalem Islamic tours, Jerusalem Jewish tours, and Jerusalem Christian tours.  These days many Israel tour companies do offer Israel tour packages to their customers.


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The place has a history associated with so if you interested in the history of the place then you should visit Israel. This place visited by people from for 3 Abrahamic religions which are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

Lots of amazing things are associated with Israel that you should be aware of. Wailing Wall and the Temple Mount is an important site that you visit whenever you go to Israel. Selection of Israel travel packages can be done in on the basis of the budget of preference.

Places like Chapel of the Ascension are mostly visited by a follower of Christianity and Islam. The religious significance is also associated with Israel.


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Hiring a guide will surely give you a better traveling experience.  This way you will get to know that place in a better way. The place also has religious significance. Click here to know more about Israel.

To check the panoramic view of the Dead Sea can be seen through the Masada.

The places that can be visited are:

  •    Last Supper Room
  •    The Tomb of the Virgin Mary
  •    The Church of the Holy Sepulcher

In Israel, you might not have any sort of language issue as people living there know general English. Transportation facility is also easily available.


What Are The Places In Israel That You Must Visit?