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The pan/tilt/zoom cameras are famous for its high-resolution picture quality and rich built-in intelligent features & functions. PTZ cameras are designed to address all security purpose needs. The Pan tilt zoom function makes PTZ one of the smartest & reliable security surveillance camera that can capture a wide area.

PTZ camera can be the best security device with maximum protection and minimum costs. as compared to other types of CCTV camera, PTZ offers the remote control functions that make it one of the smartest featured cameras series. They can also be operated automatically.


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360 Degrees Rotation & Tilt Rotation At high Speed

An ideal surveillance device can be referred to one which can provide large area coverage to ensure security purposes. PTZ cameras fall into the same category. The High-speed panning and tilting features enable PTZ to capture horizontally & vertically 360 degrees wide coverage at high speed. This is the reason PTZ are often referred to as Speed Dome.

So you don’t need to require to fix multiple single stand cameras at every corner of your home or property, PTZ can eliminate the unnecessary expenses that you often used to do.

They can be operated manually, or in case you are not able to monitor every time you can put it on the automatic operating mode.


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Smart patrol & Tracking features

Video Tracking is one of the most advantageous features of PTZ cameras.  PTZ camera can scan specific areas automatically, even can track any suspicious individual using video analytics. Video analytics is a feature that enables PTZ to scan any suspicious activity with zoom in & zoom out feature.

They can be your all in one solution to ensure your home & property safe & secure.

Powerful Zoom & focus  Functions

The bigger, high-quality lens enable PTZ camera to see more details of the object. The automatically focus in function can make the user to automatically focus in surveillance objects to get the clear and detail images, while simultaneously Pan/tilt at high speed.

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Topmost Benefits of PTZ Cameras