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Screen printing on dark colored shirts is usually more expensive than printing on light-colored shirts. The reason behind this is that to display the color of the ink in full vibration in dark clothes, a bottom layer of ink is needed. You can buy a reliable personalized t-shirt in Singapore.

The ink underlay is installed, and then the original color of your design is placed on it. Many screen printers call this process "flash", and that adds a small fee to each print.

If your design requires digital printing, it is usually not possible to digitally print on a dark shirt. This means that if you design using many colors (5 and higher), print on a light-colored shirt. If you want to print it on a dark shirt, it will require screen printing and a large installation fee might cause the overall price to be much higher than if you printed it on a bright shirt with digital printing.

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In general, printing your designs on light-colored shirts is cheaper than dark-colored shirts. If you only have one design on the front, then your clothes only need one print. If you have another design that you want to place on the back, your shirt will need two prints. If you have one more that you want to put on your sleeve, the shirt will need three points.

If you have other questions, usually a special t-shirt company has representatives who are willing to help you make your design high-quality and affordable.

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